'Vitality brings clarity in the confusion of healthcare options. . .'

Staffed by RN’s and Social Workers, VITALity Care coordination provides assistance to individuals and families to help navigate the often complex and confusing maze of healthcare options and support services available to maintain a safe living arrangement at home or develop plans for a transition into a more protective and service intense environment. As personal healthcare partners, VITALity staff provide advocacy, guidance and support to help access appropriate needed medical services and connect families with social service agencies who can provide the essential help in dealing with their health issues.

Staffed by knowledgeable and caring operators, The Resource and Referral toll free number, 1-888-26-VITALity (1-888-268-4825) provides valuable information about healthcare services and community resources that can address the pertinent issues related to aging and disability. Callers are connected to the resources they need to provide appropriate care and support.

During our first year of operation, VITALity received 567 calls from individuals and families in need, from caregivers and healthcare professionals. For the vast majority of our callers, obtaining information over the phone is just not enough to meet their often complex needs. Therefore, arrangements are made for one of our Care Coordinators to go to their home and conduct a comprehensive assessment and arrange for needed services. VITAlity Care Coordinators made 788 home visits and consultations, providing services to more than 600 seniors and persons with disabilities.

By: Mimi Schaible, Director of Care Coordination and Consultation, and Resource and Referral Help Line

Home Health Aide
Insurance Assistance
In-Home Medicare Care
Housing/Assisted Living
Nutrition/Meals on Wheels
Utility/Financial Assistance
Catholic Charities
Prescription Assistance

Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
Mental Illness


“As a resident of Village Apartments of Cherry Hill, I want to say thank you for providing VITALity Catholic Healthcare Services. Vickie, Mimi, and others visited our community and made us aware of the wonderful help they can provide. As an example, Vickie is making arrangements for me to receive physical therapy for gait imbalance and weakness. I would never have known how to get this help, or even that it existed! I am only one person among the many they have helped, and all because the Camden Diocese made it available.

It is deeply appreciated.”




What is Care Coordination and Consultation?

The Care Coordination & Consultation Program of VITALity is a charitable service of the Diocese of Camden that consist of Care Coordinators, professional nurses and social workers, who assist seniors and people with disabilities in obtaining the care that they need at home.

Who are Care Coordinators?

Care Coordinators Are:

  • Registered Nurses and Medical Social Workers who will assist you to access Diocesan and Community Resources.
  • Caring Professionals who will meet you in the privacy of your home or a Parish setting and talk about your concerns and the services that are available.
  • Experienced in navigating the health care system and helping others through the complex process of today's medical system.

How Can Care Coordinators  Help You?

Care Coordinators Can Help You: 

  • Remain as healthy and independent as possible at home.
  • Maintain the highest level of physical, spiritual and emotional vitality as you encounter the challenges of aging or disability.
  • Become more informed about your health care needs and services required to meet those needs.
  • Identify risks of hospitalization and help manage them.
  • Connect you to needed medical, social and spiritual services in the community.
  • Receive emotional and spiritual support for you and your caregivers.

Some examples of Care Coordination include (not all are listed) :

  • Arrange for home delivery of medications for an individual who is home from the hospital and is unable to pick up their medications.
  • Provide health education and literature about an illness.
  • Work with hospital staff, Physician and Parish to coordinate/arrange the needed home, community and spiritual services after discharge.
  • Contact transportation services to arrange for a ride to a doctor's appointment.
  • Provide education about insurance and prescription coverage and eligibility for assistance.
  • Discuss home care and hospice services and arrange for care..
If you need help at home, please call one of our caring professionals to arrange for a  Care Coordinator to visit you.
Resource and Referral Help Line