Communication is a very integral and important part of this ministry. There are personal interactions and relationships that continue to develop within the community of persons we serve. This ministry of Love includes ministering to families and persons with disabilities from birth to death: providing them with Religious Education, Sacramental and Funeral Preparations, assisting them in worship, Youth Ministry, Social Services, visiting the homebound as well as hospitals—ministering to all cultures, all faith groups, all ages.

In addition, VITALity advocates for and assists parishes in the development of Masses of Welcome and Inclusion, where the families of children with disabilities, and in particular, Autism, are welcomed into the parish worshiping community to celebrate special adapted Masses which are suited to the needs of all those present. These Masses allow the entire parish community to pray and worship as one family, inclusive of their sisters and brothers with physical, emotional and developmental limitations.    Through this ministry, VITALity advocates for inclusion and welcome of all within our church community.









Gift Bags for Ronal McDonald House

Mali, Lucy and Merry show off bags filled with goodies for the children at The Ronald McDonald House in Camden.

The young ladies gathered together with other adults with disabilities to participate in the monthly GIFTS program at McDaid Hall in Westmont.  G.I.F.T.S. Gathered In Faith To Serve is a monthly prayer, social and service activity for adults with disabilities.  For more info, please contact Father Hugh Bradley at or 856-583-6111.