Testimonial from a patient’s family member

“This is a story of healing of my father at Kennedy University Hospital, Stratford. On March 2nd, my 87 year old father fractured his hip requiring surgery. Fr. Wilson Paulose, the hospital chaplain, anointed him since I feared for his soul, should he die in surgery. Fr. Wilson reminded me that it is a sacrament of healing.

After the surgery, my dad’s other medical conditions worsened and he needed ICU care because he had dangerously low BP requiring vasopressors and  he also needed hemodialysis. My father wanted to go home to die. He was so depressed.

However, when he was transferred out of ICU, a Eucharistic Minister visited with him. She gave him a prayer for spiritual communion and a prayer of suffering.  It was beautiful. He will be transferred to rehabilitation for therapy and hemodialysis today. I came to see a change in my dad not only physically but spiritually and mentally. Thank you Jesus.”


Testimonial from a hospital patient

“I have been in the hospital a little over a year now. At first you’re doing a lot of things keeping you busy. But after a while you start getting bored and lonely. My family can’t get over to visit due to medical problems. Thank goodness I have a dear friend that visits. We have been friends since we were 11 years old and now we are 70.

One day a priest (chaplain) came in…and offered me communion, of course I said yes. After communion he pulled over a chair and spoke with me… He also told me about the Eucharistic Ministers…who offer communion to the patients and bring comfort which I thought was great.

The next day a very nice lady came in and introduced herself as one of the associate chaplains from the diocese giving communion and asked me if I would like to receive that day, I said yes I would. We talked for a while. I found her very easy to talk to. She’s been coming every other day now and I can’t wait until she comes back. She has become a very nice friend and comforts me since my family can’t get here too often because of medical problems.

Having both Father Tomy and Anne giving communion and visiting has become a heartwarming visit to wait for. Father Tomy and Anne have become good friends. Their prayers for me, my husband, and my cousin have meant a lot to me. Anne and I have become good friends and she tells me how to pray for my needs and receiving communion every day has given my heart something to smile about.

I will remember them forever and how they gave me courage to pray every day and wait for God to help me and my family. The diocese started this program and I think it’s great!   Love you all!”

Pastor Greg Hill, Supervisor for the Spiritual Care Department, Inspira Health Network

“We are very grateful for the partnership that we have with Monsignor Bottino and Deacon Arnaldo A. Santos. They are tremendous assets to our spiritual care department and attentive shepherds to our Catholic patients. They are responsive in crises and proactive in mobilizing Eucharistic Ministers to serve in Vineland and in Elmer. Thank you for the blessing of working with these two men. We are grateful for the kingdom partnership that we have with the Camden Diocese.”

Testimonial from a patient’s family

“We just want to express our gratitude for your kindness… Coming to see my loved one in her time of difficulty with communion has been uplifting and very special for her and me. It is needed by so many facing similar circumstances. We simply cannot thank you enough and we are grateful to the Diocese of Camden.”


Testimonial from the mother of a patient

“Dear Associate Chaplain, thank you for coming and seeing my daughter…and me at the hospital…she has ways to go but with all the prayers and the anointing, she is doing much better. Thank you for talking with me and all your support.”