Some thoughts from a 91 year old parishioner who has received help from parish nurses.

” I think it’s a beautiful thing to have a Parish Nurse around to help someone who is alone , that needs help ; it doesn’t matter what age you are, you could be 10 or 90 , but we still need someone, especially when our mates are gone , whether you’re male or female , to know that there’s someone there to help you . Reassurance is the most important because everyone worries and don’t think they don’t , even if they say so , because they’re always going to the doctor’s and  it’s so nice to know that you always have your Parish Nurse to talk to and help you . ”  E.M.




Testimonial from parents who have lost a child.

“Sometimes people become a part of your life and you don’t even remember when, they just seem like they were always there. As a young married couple my husband and I were drawn to Saint Patrick’s parish for their activities and faith community they had there. Our son was just turning one and soon we were to find out our second child was on the way. The parish nurse would come to the mom’s group called “Leading little ones to Mary.” She was there to lend a helping hand and to provide helpful ideas and tips to keep the children healthy and provide a breather for the young mothers. Everything seemed to be going well.

We had our daughter Theresa on Christmas Eve 2000. Things seemed so very perfect for us. At Theresa’s two month check-up she lost weight and she wasn’t as active as she had been. The parish nurse was there to advocate for us as we waited for a diagnosis. Helping to feed Theresa when I was at the mom’s group, coming to the hospital and helping us navigate the system, and being there to listen and pray when she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, were just a few of the ways she helped us.

Our lives took a path we never expected and our parish nurse was there with us through it all. Theresa was placed on a ventilator by the time she was 10 months old and was tube fed, our parish nurse then became our homecare nurse while still helping others in the parish. In January 2006 our 2nd son was born, happy and healthy and Theresa started her decline. In June of 2006 Theresa became our saint in heaven. Our parish nurse was there with us and still is there for us as our family has grown to include 2 more boys and another girl all healthy. Praise God! She is not just there for the medical things, she is there to lend a hand in the emotional and spiritual development of our children. She no longer lives in our parish yet she will always be our parish nurse. I don’t know what other parish nurses do but we can never thanks ours enough.”

Written by Theresa’s Parents