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Parish Senior Ministries / Community and Socialization




Senior Groups / Day Centers

Seniors are vital members of each parish community. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can impact both the physical and mental well-being of our aging population. In order to avoid this negative affect, VITALity is dedicated to support and assist in the development of Senior Social Day Ministries across the Diocese, with individual parishes providing a facility with affords the opportunity for the elderly of a parish to come together on a daily basis. Parish Senior Social Day Centers are dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing mental, physical and spiritual activities, shared friendships, intergenerational interaction and nutritional meals which supports the health and well-being to live independently.

We were pleased to announce in September of 2017 the opening of The Renaissance Center at St. Andrew the Apostle in Gibbsboro.  In addition, St. Peter Senior Ministry in Merchantville is celebrating its 7th year as a fruitful and vibrant center.  Both Senior Day Centers are open to all self-sufficient individuals age 65 and over.


“I like the meals, getting out of the house, socializing, activities, meeting new people.”









Life to the Fullest

“I’ve met great people to share time with during my retirement. . .prevents loneliness.”

In 2017 VITALity fully introduced our Senior Health & Well Being Membership Program “Life to the Fullest.” Membership is free and enrollment is open to all South Jersey residents age 65 and over. It allows for distribution of important health, spiritual and lifestyle information, keeping members engaged and connected with their parishes and diocese in matters of health and wellness. During 2017 VITALity staff visited over 50 locations which include parish based senior clubs, senior community centers, senior housing residences and senior health fairs to provide health education and inform them of the free resources VITALity provides.






Building Health Awareness

VITALity Presentations were made to 33 Senior Groups or Senior Communities

VITALity Participated in 15 Senior Health Fairs

6000 Community Members were Encountered from Presentations and Health Fairs


Building Solid Connections through
Senior Social Day Centers

St. Peter’s Senior Ministry:  275 members
4,500 visits to the center

St. Andrew’s (Renaissance Center):  88 members
720 visits to the center


 Building Community
“Life to the Fullest” Membership grew to 730 members



“It’s heavenly!  The center has brought new life, youth, joy and happiness to my life.  My husband and I enjoy going to the ministry because the people are wonderful.”