‘VITALITY brings community and belonging to our seniors. . .’




The previously established and successful St. Peter Senior Ministry Center has supported over 200 seniors and welcomed 114 new guests who made a total of 4,500 visits to the Center in 2016. This ministry is dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing meaningful and interactive spiritual, social and intergenerational experiences. The seniors involvement with the Center aids in improving their independence by keeping them vital members of their communities. It also strives to improve their mental and physical wellness through dynamic social connections, energetic exercise programs and stimulating cognitive experiences. The other highlights of the ministry are daily nutritional support ( hot lunch and continental breakfast) as well as community resource referrals.

By: Bobbie Bradley
Director of St. Peter’s Senior Day Center



“It’s heavenly!  The center has brought new life, youth, joy and happiness to my life.  My husband and I enjoy going to the ministry because the people are wonderful.”



Social Day Programs are developed through the support of VITALity in a consistent manner across the Diocese, with individual parishes or deaneries providing a facility which affords the opportunity for the elderly of a parish to come together on a daily basis for physical activity, nutritious meals, social interaction and recreation, spiritual exercises along with health screening and monitoring.