VITALity Provides Advocacy and Inclusion

VITALity’s Ministry With the Deaf and Persons With Disabilities assists those with communication, developmental, behavioral, and other physical limitations by ensuring their well-being through advocacy and actions of concrete steps to safeguard their full integration and participation in the life of the Church.  Through adapted and accommodative programs of programs of catechesis and sacramental preparation, along with the support and promotion of the expansion of Masses of Inclusion throughout the diocese, we work to ensure that persons with disabilities increasingly experience a sense of belonging and welcome in the parish, diocese, and Church at large.

We facilitate opportunities for social engagement and gathering that can lighten the burden of dependency and allow the person to emerge and grow as a social being, renewing the joy and happiness that human fellowship brings.

VITALity nurses and social workers partner with families of children with disabilities to assist them through the transitions of care as they age out of the educational system.  By providing the necessary assistance to connect with resources as they emerge into the vocational and societal realms of their lives, they can gain more independence in living yet with the appropriate support and financial services they are entitled to from the state and other sources.