Testimonials from grateful parents


“. . .John and Pam both enjoyed the Thanksgiving Service, I feel blessed that John found your group, thank you for doing this special work.

Through your ministry, I wanted to tell you that the name G.I.F.T.S. has such a positive and powerful message, it is so important that all of God’s children understand that each and everyone  of us bring special gifts and blessings in the world.  May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”



“. . . I would like to share my story.  Please pass it on… I personally feel that special needs kids are unfortunately loners( unless they have siblings).  That is the case with my son who is autistic and delayed and unfortunately an only child.  He is gifted in sign language and feels welcome in this parish (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Holy Saviour Church) because he can  freely share his gift.   He is very spiritual and he feels very supported here.  He needs to find and make friends socially, which the parish does offer some opportunities, for which we are grateful.”


“Thanks for always working for the benefit of children and families with special needs.”