Mrs. Brown is at home. She Calls the VITALity Resource and Referral Help Line at
1-888-26-VITALity (1-888-268-4825)

Natasha, Resource Specialist "Hello, you have reached the Vitality Resource and Referral Help Line, Natasha speaking, how may I help you?" 

Mrs. Brown: “Yes, my name is Mrs. Brown, I am calling because I was in the hospital a while back and since then have not been able to get out of the house like I used to. I need help caring for myself and don’t know where to turn to get the help that I need.”

Natasha, Resource Specialist: “Thank you for calling, Mrs. Brown. I am happy to help. One of our Care Coordinators can come to your home or parish to meet you. Our Care Coordinators are Registered Nurses and Social Workers who will sit down and talk to you about your concerns. They know about the medical and community resources in your neighborhood and can help connect you with them. Would you like the Care Coordinator to call you to arrange a convenient time and place to meet?”

Mrs. Brown: “Yes Natasha that would be fine. I would like them to come to my home since right now I can’t leave home without help. Thank you.”

 Care Coordinator, Betty, RN visits Mrs. Brown in her home

They talk about Mrs. Brown’s concerns. Mrs. Brown has not regained her strength since her last hospitalization. She wants to be as independent as possible and be able to leave home in the future. She wants to find out about services at home and also reconnect with the Church since she has not been able to attend Church due to a recent illness.

 Mrs. Brown is having trouble with daily activities due to weakness and her arthritis.

She has not seen a doctor since she was discharged from the hospital and will need her medicines  refilled soon.

She is not able to attend Church right now and wants to receive the sacraments.

Betty, Care Coordinator and Registered Nurse

Explains services available through community and social services organizations

Provides education about home safety and preventing falls in the home.

Helps Mrs. Brown contact her doctor’s office to make an appointment and discuss possible visiting nurse/physical therapy services at home.

Contacts county transportation services to arrange transport to doctor appointment.

Makes referral to local Meals on Wheels service.

Calls Mrs. Brown’s Parish to arrange visit by Eucharistic Minister and Priest.