Bringing your nursing skills into the Works of Mercy

As parish nurses in the Diocese of Camden you will have the support of a network of other nurses in various specialties, who have discerned the call to care for the whole person through their call to Christian action. Striving to be proactive in areas of prevention, management of chronic conditions and supporting the individual, helps avoid crisis situations and maximize healing potential. Each parish health ministry will reflect the needs of the community and the talents of the nurses and others who volunteer.

The core of this ministry is Jesus Christ the Healer. Jesus would heal the sick, crippled and isolated in society physically. Now take a second glance, He also healed them spiritually, telling them “Your sins are forgiven.” Matthew 9:5. When Jesus healed the lepers they were no longer isolated and could again be part of society. Jesus did not just heal for the sake of the miracle, He healed to make people whole and vital parts of society. This is the ministry into which a Parish Nurse is called.

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